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This subject is a 200 hour course; meaning you will study this elective for both Year 9 & 10.


Goulburn High is lucky to have 9 hectares of land situated between the Crookwell Road and Hoskins Street. The main enterprises include sheep (Stud Dorset Horns), cattle (Poll Herefords) and poultry (Welsummers). Viticulture has also been established with a variety of grapevines. A green house has been constructed where seedlings are propagated and grown. The horticulture or plant production area is situated on half a hectare.


Students will undertake a range of practical activities and study 4 major enterprises.


Students must study a minimum of 4 major agricultural enterprises to gain Agricultural Technology in their School Certificate. The enterprises include: breeding and showing Poll Dorsets, Poll Herefords, Poultry and managing Viticulture section and growing either winter or summer vegetables.


Students will become involved in activities such as feeding poultry, incubating eggs, worm counts, drenching, chemical safety, animal handling, animal welfare, lambing, feeding cattle and sheep, planting tube stocks, growing vegetables and propagating plants.


Students will have the opportunity to exhibit Poll Dorsets at Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair and Canberra Show.


Fee: $10 per student over 2 years.