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15080                                                                  DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY

Course:  Design & Technology                                 Category:  A

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course                                           Exclusions:  Nil                                               

Course Description:

Students study design processes, design theory and factors in relation to design projects.

In the Preliminary course students study designing and producing which includes the completion of at least two design projects.


In the HSC course students undertake a study of innovation and emerging technologies which includes a case study of an innovation.  They also study designing and producing which includes the completion of a Major Design Project.

Main Topics Covered:


Preliminary Course

Designing and Producing including the study of design theory, design processes, creativity, collaborative design, research, management, using resources, communication, manufacturing and production, computer-based technologies, safety, evaluation, environmental issues, analysis, marketing and manipulation of materials, tools and techniques.


HSC Course

Innovation and Emerging Technologies including a case study of innovation.  The study of designing and producing includes a Major Design Project.  The project folio includes a project proposal and management, project development and realisation, and project evaluation.

Particular Course Requirements:

In the Preliminary course, students must participate in hands-on practical activities. In the HSC course, the comprehensive study of designing and producing that were studied in the Preliminary course are synthesised and applied. This culminates in the development and realisation of a Major Design Project (MDP) and the presentation of a case study.  MDP = 60% of final HSC mark for Design & Technology.

SKILLS / APTITUDE                         Important                               Not so important

Essay Writing                                                                                     *

Research                                            *

Oral Reporting                                                                                    *

Practical Work                                    *

Working in a group or team                *

Public Performance                                                                            *

Meeting Deadlines                              *

Other considerations:

Fees:  Project costs and materials required:  $40

Other costs:  Major project materials (HSC course)

Assessment:  HSC Design and Technology


External Assessment


Internal Assessment


Written Exam Paper


Major Design Project




Innovation and Emerging Technologies


Design & Producing