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15190                                                                                               GEOGRAPHY

Course: Geography                                                   Category:  A

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course                                           Exclusions:  Nil 

Course Description:

Geography in the senior years continues with the skills development that has been a part of junior Geography, while permitting the study of topics that are more in line with student interest.  Topics that have been selected in the past include Urban Studies – Pyrmont redevelopment area in Sydney, Ecosystems at risk – intertidal wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park and the Great Barrier Reef, and fine wool production in our district and the world.


Students have found the study of Geography in senior years to be more engaging than the curriculum permits in the junior years, and the skills developed in the junior years will go a long way toward assisting students in the completion of their senior course.


Senior Geography has a compulsory Fieldwork component, and as such, students must expect to become involved in practical fieldwork experiences, over both years of study.


Senior Geography also permits students to investigate a topic of their interest during the completion of the Senior Geography Project (SGP).  This is undertaken as a solo exercise with teacher supervision and direction during the Preliminary course.


The study of Senior Geography should hopefully lead to a life long interest in the world around us.

Main Topics Covered:


Preliminary Course

·          Biophysical studies                        

·          Global studies                     

·          The Senior Geography Project       



HSC Course

·          Ecosystems at Risk           

·          Urban Places     

·          People, place and economic activity

Particular Course Requirements:

Students complete a senior geography project (SGP) in the Preliminary course and must undertake 10 hours of fieldwork in both the Preliminary and HSC courses.

SKILLS / APTITUDE                         Important                               Not so important

Essay Writing                                     *

Research                                            *

Oral Reporting                                    *

Practical Work                                    *

Working in a group or team                                                                            *

Public Performance                                                                            *

Meeting Deadlines                              *

Other considerations:

Costs:  Over the course of two years students must attend four fieldwork excursions totalling approximately $350.

Assessment:  HSC Course only


Internal Assessment


External Assessment


Geographical Research


A three-hour written examination

Multiple choice

Short answer

Extended responses






Interpretation and synthesis of geographical stimulus


Geographical writing