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PBL Rewards

Goulburn High School PBL recognises positive student behaviour and effort through our SPARS program.

SPARS stands for 'Student Positive Achievement Rewards System' and incorporates a number of positive levels to acknowledge and reward active citizenship and demonstration of our school's values.

  1. Points system: 'GHS Dollars' are awarded to students for continued and consistent participation in all aspects of school life. (Note: 'GHS Dollars' have no monetary value).
  2. GHS Postcards are sent home by class teachers to acknowledge students who consistently demonstrate GHS values in the classroom.
  3. Wearing full school uniform, regular attendance and positive behaviour, as well as participation in extra-curricular activities such as ANZAC Day march, debating, cattle shows, competitions, sporting teams and other events are also important components of PBL SPARS.

Students are able to progress through the positive PBL levels of Merit, Bronze, Silver and Gold each year.

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