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Human Society and its Environment (H.S.I.E) in year 7 and 8 involves the study of Geography and History. Both subjects are compulsory for all students in year 7 and 8.




The History (Mandatory) course requires students to complete:

100 hours of History in Stage 4 (year 7 and 8)

100 hours of Australian History in Stage 5 (year 9 and 10)


History develops in young people an interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past. A study of History provides opportunities for examining events, people and societies from ancient, medieval and modern times, including twentieth century Australia. Opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of civics and citizenship are a feature throughout the Years 7–10 History syllabus.


In Years 7–8, students explore the nature of history, how historians investigate the past and the importance of conserving our heritage. Aspects of the ancient and medieval world are studied, including origins and daily life of the ancient world and beliefs and values of medieval societies. The nature of colonisation and contact history is also examined.


Topics studied in year 8 are:


Topic 3            Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, Colonisation and Contact History

This topic builds upon prior learning of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal contact history in Stages 1–3. The nature of colonisation and its impact on Aboriginal peoples outside the Sydney region will lead to further study in Stage 5. Students will also develop an understanding of the impact of colonisation upon another indigenous people.


Topic 4            Optional Study: The Shaping of the Modern World

This topic provides an opportunity for students to investigate a topic of special interest and/or relevance in modern world history. Students should be encouraged to develop their skills of historical inquiry by examining the motives and consequences of people's actions in the past and exploring different interpretations of past events.