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This subject is a 200 hour course; meaning you will study this elective for both Year 9 & 10.


Increasing applications of Information Technology, including the Internet, mean that patterns of life and work in industrialised nations are changing rapidly. The use of Technology is also changing the way people learn and how educational instruction is delivered.


Information Software and Technology investigates the role of the computer in problem-solving and looks at the interaction of people, hardware and software. Students experience, through practical experiences and project work, access to the Internet and a range of software packages in a network environment.


Many students identify Information Software and Technology as a valuable area of study, not only as a commodity, which may enhance their employment opportunities, but also as an intrinsically interesting area of study.


The skills developed in this subject will be directly and immediately useful in many other subject areas. The development of such skills is an advantage to anyone living in a complex and changing technological environment.