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The syllabus provides three pathways to cater for the different needs and capabilities of students.
The Stage 5.1 Pathway is designed for those students who need time to develop mathematical skills and who learn more easily by experiencing practical activities.  This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for everyday life.
The Stage 5.2 Pathway is designed for those students who require extensive experiences leading to the development of mathematical ideas.  This course offers a range of options allowing for a practical or academic approach.  It will suit students who wish to use their Mathematics in the work place or undertake further academic studies.
The Stage 5.3 Pathway is designed for those who work easily and quickly with more demanding mathematical concepts.  It covers more mathematical concepts than the other two courses and emphasises algebraic processes and deductive geometry as well as numerical reasoning.  This course will suit students who are clearly capable of further academic studies in Mathematics.