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ECONOMICS                                                                                           15110

Course:  Economics                                                  Category:  A

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC               

Board Developed Course                                           Exclusions:  Nil

Course Description:

Economic decisions have a crucial influence on our quality of life.  The study of Economics can help individuals, groups and societies to improve their quality of life.  The discussion of economic issues dominates the media and politics, and by studying Economics students will better understand how their world functions and participate in decision-making in a more informed way.


Students will benefit from studying Economics if they follow studies or occupations in business, retail, accounting, finance, media, law, marketing, employment relations, tourism, politics, hospitality, services, history, geography or environmental studies.

The Economics course helps students to develop valuable knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values.  They will emerge as better and more informed citizens.

The course tackles a range of problems and issues that should help students to:-

-          understand current world development, trade and poverty issues

-          debate which are the best policies to solve economic problems such as inflation, unemployment and foreign debt

-          appreciate the impacts that changing interest rates, the Australian dollar, share values, inflation, government policies and so on, have on our lives

-          understand the impact of fluctuations in the global and Australian economies and the likely effects on Australian businesses and households

-          identify the economic importance of protecting the natural environment while encouraging  economic development

-          understand why some people/societies are wealthy while others struggle to survive.

-          appreciate what determines the values of things we buy, our currency, labour (wages) etc


An understanding of Economics would benefit anyone regardless of the career path they choose.  It is an interesting and important academic discipline.

SKILLS / APTITUDE                         Important                               Not so important

Essay Writing                                     *

Report Writing                                                                                     *

Research                                            *

Oral Reporting                                                                                                *

Practical Work                                                                                                *

Working in a group or team                *

Public Performance                                                                            *

Meeting Deadlines                              *

Other considerations:

Costs:  $25 plus a major one-day study to Sydney in each year.

Assessment:  HSC course only

External Assessment


Internal Assessment


A three-hour examination, including multiple-choice, short answer and extended response questions



Tests and examinations


Research, investigation and communication




Stimulus based skills




Group work