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Mathematics in Stage 4


Mathematics in Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) is a mandatory subject.


The study of mathematics provides opportunities for students to learn to describe and apply patterns and relationships; reason, predict and solve problems; calculate accurately both mentally and in written form; estimate and measure; and interpret and communicate information presented in numerical, geometrical, graphical, statistical and algebraic forms.


Mathematics provides support for concurrent learning in other key learning areas and builds a sound foundation for further mathematics education.


Students will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of mathematics and its applications in their everyday lives and in the worlds of science, technology, commerce, the arts and employment. The study of the subject enables students to develop a positive self-concept as learners of mathematics, obtain enjoyment from mathematics, and become self-motivated learners through inquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences.


The ability to make informed decisions, and to interpret and apply mathematics in a variety of contexts, is an essential component of students' preparation for life in the twenty-first century. To participate fully in society students need to develop the capacity to critically evaluate ideas and arguments that involve mathematical concepts or that are presented in mathematical form.


Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding:

*          through inquiry, application of problem-solving strategies including the selection and use of appropriate technology, communication, reasoning and reflection

*          in mental and written computation and numerical reasoning

*          in patterning, generalisation and algebraic reasoning

*          in collecting, representing, analysing and evaluating information

*          in identifying and quantifying the attributes of shapes and objects and applying measurement strategies

*          in spatial visualisation and geometric reasoning.


Students will:

*          appreciate mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life

*          show interest and enjoyment in inquiry and the pursuit of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding

*          demonstrate confidence in applying mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to everyday situations and the solution of everyday problems

*          develop and demonstrate perseverance in undertaking mathematical challenges

*          recognise that mathematics has been developed in many cultures in response to human needs.


Course Structure


The essential content for Mathematics in Years 7 and 8 is structured using one process strand


      Working Mathematically


and five content strands



      Patterns and Algebra



      Space and Geometry.


These strands contain the knowledge, skills and understanding for the study of mathematics in the compulsory years of schooling.



What I need for each Maths lesson

Exercise Book
Text Book
Blue/Black/Red Pens
A positive attitude


Exercise Book


Exercise books must be covered.


Margins are to be ruled with a red pen and a ruler.


All handouts to be stuck into books.


Underline all headings.


Text books, once issued, are your responsibility, so treat them with care.




The Mathematics Department at Goulburn High School expects the following from all students:-


• completion of all work and activities set in class.

• completion of all set homework, assignments or projects.

• regular revision and study.

• active and cooperative participation in the class.

• good attendance and being punctual to all lessons.

• obtaining a satisfactory mark in each assessment task OR demonstrating competence through the completion of alternative tasks.

• not interfering with the learning of any other student.