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International Studies is for students who want to learn about the amazing world around us. It is a 200 hour course that aims to teach students to know and understand the significance of culture in their lives and to appreciate the diverse global society in which they live. International Studies will enable students to develop skills and values to see their own and other cultures from a range of perspectives.
What we will discover:
·         Culture and Diversity in Today's World: In this topic we start by investigating what culture is, how do we see it, what defines Australian culture and how do we know it is different to other places. How does culture affect how we behave and what our expectations are?
·         Beliefs around the world: festivals, weddings, parties, anything! Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Moon festival, Diwali and many more as there happen during the year and the religious and cultural significance of them.
  • Family Life in China and India: so what would your life be like if you growing up somewhere else, where would you hang out, what music you would listen to and what is school like around the world?
  • Culture and food: cooking and eating out around the world right from our own classroom. Would you eat a snail, a horse, a boiled silk worm larvae or a chicken's foot?
·         Creative and performing arts: different types of art, music, entertainment and dance, what are Bollywood movies all about, Batik dyeing, manga comics, anime movies and what is Gangnam Style (and other k-pop) all about?
·         International Travel: time to plan your world trip.
·         Sport what is the go with Sumo wrestling and can I have a go?
As part of the International Studies course students will undertake a range of practical activities, such as cooking, artwork, movies, participate in excursions and have the option of being involved in the schools Korean cultural exchange program. There is no course cost although some costs will be involved in attending excursions and some of the cooking and artwork tasks.