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Australian History


All students are required to study Australian History in Years 9 & 10.


The study of History helps us to understand the world as it is today.


The subject helps students to identify their social location, their personal place in time and their heritage within a distinctive culture. Students investigate the processes of change and continuity that have shaped the world and the roles of key people in this process.


Skills in studying History are just as important as knowledge. Students develop research skills, the ability to empathise and analytical skills. History also promotes the ability to develop and express reasoned opinion, a skill that many professions and occupations value highly. Students will learn the skills of effective research using a range of technologies, how to find important points, how to seperate fact from opinion, how to use evidence, note-taking and effective discussion.


This course is both interesting and demanding requiring consistent work from students.


In Year 10 the course covers Australian History from 1945 to the present. It is designed to help students understand how present Australian society was shaped and to understand the world at large. Topics include Post War Australia to the 1970s, social and political issues from the 1970s to the 1990s and Contemporary Australia.