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11010                                                                                    AGRICULTURE

Course:   Agriculture                                                                     Category:  A

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC                                         

Board Developed Course

Course Description:

The Preliminary course incorporates the study of the interactions between the components of agricultural production, marketing and management, while giving consideration to the issues of sustainability of the farming system.  This is an "on-farm", environment-oriented course.

The Higher School Certificate course builds upon the Preliminary course. It examines the complexity and scientific principles of the components of agricultural production and places a sustainability.  This is achieved through the farm product study.

Main Topics Covered:

Preliminary Course

HSC Course

Core Topics 

·         Agricultural Systems (15%)

·         Plant Production (25%)

·         Farm Case Study (25%)

·         Animal Production (25%)

·         Plant Production (30%)

·         Farm Product Study (30%)

·         Animal Production (30%)



One elective from the following:

·         Agri-food, Fibre and Fuel Technologies

·         Climate Challenge

·         Farming for the 21st Century

Particular Course Requirements:

For the Preliminary course:

·         120 indicative hours are required to complete the course

·         Practical experiences should occupy a minimum of 30% of course time

HSC Course

·         The Preliminary course is a prerequisite

·         120 indicative hours are required to complete the course

·         Practical experiences should occupy a minimum of 30% of course time

SKILLS / APTITUDE                         Important                               Not so important

Essay writing                                                                                        

Research                                              *

Oral Reporting                                                                                       *

Practical Work                                       *

Working in a group or team                     *

Public Performance                                                                                *

Meeting Deadlines                                 *

Assessment HSC Course only


External Assessment


Internal Assessment


A three-hour written examination consisting of:




Objective response questions

Short Answer questions



Extended response answer











Knowledge and understanding:

·          The physical, chemical, biological, social, historical and economic factors that interact in agricultural production systems

·          The impact of innovation, ethics and current issues on Australian agricultural systems


Knowledge, understanding and skills required to manage agricultural production systems in a socially and environmentally responsible manner

Knowledge of, and skills in, decision-making and the evaluation of technology and management techniques used in sustainable agricultural production and marketing


Skills in effective research, experimentation and communication