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This subject involves physically and mentally challenging activities which are outdoor and adventure based.
Outdoor Education aims to develop teamwork, leadership and initiative skills. Students participate in challenging activities in order to increase self-esteem, self-reliance and self-confidence while promoting an appreciation of the natural environment. This in turn gives students the opportunity to develop kinaesthetic awareness, coordination and physical strength as well as build teamwork and foster a greater sense of cooperation to create a more cohesive and integrated group.
The activities that may be undertaken by students are of a varied nature. They appeal to a wide range of interests. Activities include:

·        Abseiling
·        Hiking
·        Rock climbing
·        Navigation
·        Canoeing
·        Shelter building
·        Initiative activities
·        Bush Cooking
·        Knot and rope skills
·        Commando challenge
·        Ropes courses

Fee: Approximately $50 to cover activity participation costs