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MUSIC (200)


This subject is a 200 hour course; meaning you will study this elective for both Year 9 & 10.


Music is an activity in which all people can participate. Additional Study Courses in Music (formerly known as Elective Music) build on musical experiences students have had in the early part of secondary school.


In Years 9 and 10, Music involves students in performing music, creating and writing their own music and listening to and discussing a variety of styles of music. Through these activities students gain an understanding of the style and structure of music and some knowledge of music history.


Topics are very diverse and include:

* Popular music

* Australian music

* Music for radio, film and TV


The course is centred on "doing" music rather than "learning about music". While it is not essential, it is suggested that students receive private tuition as performance is a compulsory aspect of thsi course and all students are required to perform as part of their assessment.


Students in this course should take advantage of the various extra-curricula performing groups in order to gain further experience and enhance their skills.


Fee: $20