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The Elective Mathematics course provides students with the opportunity to explore Mathematics on an alternate plane.
Have you ever wondered how……
The dimensions of a can of soft drink are the way they are, could they be made more efficiently?
Trees and plants grow in a number sequence?
The planets revolve around the sun?
Let's investigate and find out how Mathematics is used all around us to solve!
In Mathematics, students learn to use ideas about number, space, measurement chance and data, and mathematical ways of representing patterns and relationships to describe, interpret and reason about their social and physical world. Mathematics plays a key role in the development of students' numeracy and assists learning across the curriculum.
This course will provide students with ability and passion for Mathematics to work with challenging tasks in a supportive environment.
The program will:
·          Provide a focus for Mathematical capable students to acknowledge their high level of performance.
·          Allow Mathematical thinkers to have fun with non-routine questions arising from alternate mathematical topics.
·          Discover and explore the mystical world of mathematics.