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BUSINESS STUDIES                                                                                        15040

Course:  Business Studies                                        Category:  A

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course                                           Exclusions:  Nil

Course Description:

Business Studies investigates the role, operation and management of businesses within our society. Factors in the establishment, operation and management of a small business are integral to this course..  Students develop research and independent learning skills in addition to analytical and problem solving competencies through their studies. 


Business Studies is distinctive in that it encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business and management in contexts which students will encounter in life.  Conceptually, it offers focus areas and perspectives ranging from the planning of a small business to the broader roles of management, finance, employment relations and marketing.  Through the incorporation of contemporary business theories and practices the course provides rigour and depth and lays an excellent foundation for students either in further tertiary study or in future employment.

Business case studies are embedded in the course to provide a stimulating and relevant framework for students to apply theoretical concepts.


Business Studies makes a significant contribution to the ability to participate effectively in the business environment.  Students completing this course will develop general and specific skills including research, analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking and communication.  These skills enhance students' confidence and ability to participate effectively, not only as members of the business world, but as informed citizens dealing with issues emanating from business activity that impacts on their lives.


Main topics Covered:


Preliminary Course                             

·         Nature of business

·         Business management

·         Business planning


HSC Course

·         Operations

·         Marketing 

·         Finance

·         Human resources

Particular Course Requirements:


In the Preliminary course there is a research project, investigating the operation of a small business or planning the establishment of a small business.

SKILLS / APTITUDE                                         Important                     Not so important

Report Writing                                                   *

Essay Writing                                                                                        *

Research                                                          *

Oral Reporting                                                                                       *

Practical Work                                                                                       *

Working in a group or team                                 *

Public Performance                                                                                *

Meeting Deadlines                                             *

Other considerations:   Major one-day study to Sydney.  Numerous local area studies.

Assessment:  HSC Course only


External Assessment


Internal Assessment


A three-hour written examination including multiple-choice, short answer and extended response questions


Knowledge and understanding of
    course content

Stimulus-based skills

Inquiry and research

Communication of business
    information, ideas and issues in
    appropriate forms