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In this course you will develop key techniques and skills that are important aspects of Music performance. This elective is suitable for singers and instrumentalists. You will learn the roles of each instrument of a Rock Band, where Rock Music came from and some important styles and players. You will learn techniques for creating genre specific sounds from guitar amplifiers, how to use Public Address (PA) equipment to achieve a balance of levels and how to write, record and publish your own Rock songs. You will form bands with other members of the class and develop a small repertoire, with opportunities to perform at school functions and concerts. You will also have the opportunity to perform within the wider community at events like the Goulburn Community of Public Schools Concert at the Goulburn Workers Club. All students choosing this course MUST be able to play a suitable instrument at a basic level by the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of musical capability is preferable to fulfil this fundamental part of the course.
Outcomes:  At the conclusion of the course you will:
·        Have a repertoire of between 5 and 10 songs
·        Be able to perform these as a set list
·        Be able to operate PA equipment to balance volume levels for a performance
·        Have an understanding of developments throughout Rock Music history
·        Be able to create Rock songs using basic structures and techniques
·        Understand basic recording techniques and operate recording equipment
·        Understand basic performance videoing techniques and be able to publish this content online