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Students who study Drama develop knowledge of theatre styles and experience a wide variety of activities.  Over the two years, their studies will involve gaining an understanding of different forms of drama (such as Melodrama, Greek Theatre and Street Theatre), play-building, improvising and directing and staging performances.  Students will also have the opportunity to experience live dramatic performances.
While much of the focus in Drama is on practical work and performing, students are also provided with the opportunity to write scripts and work on costumes and makeup.  Students will also be expected to learn theatre history and stage craft as part of their theory lessons.  All activities allow students to express themselves creatively.
Drama offers many benefits to students that will stay with them for life.  The ability to present oneself in a confident manner is a skill learned in Drama, as is working collaboratively with others, providing excellent preparation for the workforce.  Students also learn to think quickly.  Drama is a course for students who are energetic, enthusiastic and like having fun.