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Language shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world. It is the main way in which we communicate with and relate to others. English is the study and use of the English language in its various forms, including spoken, written and visual texts. The study of English assists students to develop a love of literature and learning. It develops skills to enable students to experiment with ideas and expression, to become active, independent and lifelong learners, to work with each other and to reflect on their learning. As they study English, students continue to develop their critical and imaginative faculties and broaden their capacity for cultural understanding.
In Years 9 and 10, students will study a novel or short stories, poetry, film and drama (including a Shakespearean play). Students will continue to develop their literacy skills in order to become confident and capable communicators. Developing proficiency in English enables students to take their place as critical and imaginative thinkers, lifelong learners and informed, active participants in Australian society.