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TVET Courses

TAFE Delivered Vocational Education Courses (TVET) follow the same principles of VET courses however they are delivered at TAFE. They allow students in their Preliminary year and/or HSC year to study selected TAFE vocational subjects while at school, completing the HSC.

Students receive nationally recognised VET qualifications in addition to the HSC.


Classes are conducted at Goulburn TAFE each week, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. As a result students will have study periods during the week where they will be expected to catch up on work from any lessons missed.


Participation in TVET courses is free for Government school students. Students are provided with any workbooks and protective clothing if needed, as well as all consumables.


As with VET courses, one Board Developed TVET course can be used in the calculation of an ATAR, if students sit the optional examination.


Currently the following subjects are available for students to apply for through Goulburn TAFE:

* Animal Care

* Automotive

* Beauty Therapy

* Building and Construction

* Community & Recreation

* Community Services (Childrens Services)

* Hairdressing

* Horse Industry Studies

* Information Technology

* Metals and Engineering

Further information on TVET courses can be accessed by contacting Ms Hope at the school.